Last night Natalie, Evan, and I went to see Thomas and Friends live at the Carson Center in Paducah. We kept telling Evan, "We are going to see the real Thomas right now. A really big Thomas not the cartoon kind!" He didn't seem to believe us. Once we got there he was still a little unsure until he saw Thomas chug on stage. We ate at Flamingo Row in Paducah afterwards. The whole evening Evan was so well behaved as always! We had a blast!!!

They made it apparent that there was NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, I couldn't help it. Evan needed a picture of Thomas!

He is holding a Thomas light we got there at the show. He slept with it I was told.

Evan and Mommy

This is them playing the "Wipe off the kisses game".

This is our statue face. He likes to pretend he's a statue lately. I quite scared one I guess.

Statue face again!