What's for dinner?

We made homemade pizzas for dinner. I did a pesto, feta, pine nut, green onion, & tomato pizza. Ry made a hamburger, mushroom, green pepper, & red onion one. Mine was FANTASTIC! I keep sneaking to the fridge for another little bite. Hope your dinner was yummy too!

"Just Fix It"

Today my director, business manager, and I attended the Human Service rally in downtown Carbondale. Hundreds of people came to listen to directors of social service agencies speak about the fate of their organizations if the state proceeds with huge funding cuts. My company is a non for profit that depends on state funding to operate. Our company will see massive layoffs, salaries slashed, and programs cut if the budget is passed. Citizens who are developmentally disabled will be out of work, housing, and assistance. Women and children who seek shelter at the Women's Center will have to go elsewhere when physical and sexual abuse effects them. People who are suffering from substance and alcohol abuse will have to go out of state for treatment because our centers will be shutdown. Unemployment will rise to an all time high and create an even bigger deficit. It makes my blood boil to know that so many people will be affected if something doesn't happen. It was an emotional day. If you live in Illinois contact your State Representative and let them know that thousands of people will be devistated if something isn't done.
View of behind me

The most heart wrenching sign of the day.


Yard Sale

On Saturday Angie and I had a FANTASTIC yard sale. We only had one shoplifter! She stole this Mr. Hankey (South Park Character) doll.

Seriously of all the things to steal! I made a whopping $477.oo!! It was a super hot day but the people came in droves!! Thank you Angie for letting us set up at your house. It was a successful day!!

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Poppy. He came into my life when I was four. He loved me like I was his own the rest of my life. He would do anything for me and I am so proud that he is my dad. When Ry and I have kids, he will be the first in line to spoil the pants off the child. He already is in love with the "pickle cutter" a little brown haired girl we call Maddy. A cute side note about my parents and how they met, she walked into the room at a local Herrin "watering hole" (which my mom said was her first and last time there) and my dad said to the man next to him, "I'm going to marry that woman". He stills says she is the most beautiful woman he has ever met. Isn't that great?
Happy Father's Day Poppy. Happy Father's day to Ryan's dad and my awesome father in law. There is nothing that Dave doesn't know how to do. He is a pharmacist, a mechanic, a builder (of everything including his house), King of Ebay, a comedian, and a wonderful father. He has always been by Ryan's side whenever we have needed help, even when he was really sick. Over the past five years that I have been in the family he has always been there to help me before I could even ask. He and Angie are best friends and it's awesome to see their 28 years of marriage. We love you!

Happy Birthday Jackson!

The Parrish's threw a big celebration yesterday for Jack's 1st birthday. His birthday is actually on Wednesday but weekend celebrations are so much easier. The house was decorated to the hilt in Barney, Jack's favorite. Apparently, Jack is the only one in the U.S. that likes Barney anymore. Katie had to go to great lengths to get Mylar balloons and even a cake with the purple dinosaur adorned on it! The food was amazing! Especially the pea salsa that Katie made and a veggie burger that she got for my picky eating, very thoughtful! Jack was in a great mood and seems to LOVE cake. Scroll below.........

Edible Arrangement that was beautiful!
This is Barney on a tricycleJack's very own baby cake Jack spotted Barney on his cake and went for it!
And now for the cake loving shot! He really liked the icing!

A little time with Jack........

On Friday afternoon I stopped by Katies House to drop off something. While I was there I persuaded her to let me take Jack off her hands while she ran around preparing for Jacks first birthday on Saturday. Jack and I played hard at my house and then it was off to my parents house (Where my mom showed him how to play catch and my dad played a horrible game of "Go ahead and hit me with the remote because it's funny"). I am fully convinced that children don't care about toys at this age. With all the toys he had in his bag he was fully entranced by the big yellow bowl with the two mixing spoons. What is it with all my friends children having ridiculously good behavior? He did nothing but laugh and smile the whole time I had him! I'm going to chuck it up to the excellent parenting. Let's hope that their skills someday rub off on me!
We were mixing sippy cup and a cellphone making a delicious concoction.
He chased Little Kitty around the house. Finally he came
around wanting to play. Displaying his good manners, Jack offered some apple
juice to the furry thing. (Katie don't worry, LK did not
actually touch the cup. He just smelled it!)

Seriously, how boring are we?

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks! It's not because I don't want to. It's just because life is just chugging along with nothing to post! Sorry life has become a little boring around the Farley household lately!


Feed a Cold Starve a Fever?

Everyone around me has been sick with the Southern Illinois allergy bug. I was secretly gloating to myself last week about how I never get sick and that allgeries is something I've never had to struggle with. My husband struggles enough for the both of us! Yesterday morning I woke up to a hoarse voice and a constant dry cough. Nothing cures it except for EATING! I swear! Cough medicine, 2 packages of cough drops, hot tea, honey, hot shower and nothing will stop this cough but stuffing my face with food. Right now I am working on angel food cake and melted chocolate chips! I don't eat this way! This cold has got me down for the count. I curse you allergies!!! I need to get out in this 90 degree weather and go for my daily run but the thought of that makes me cringe! I'd rather eat a bag of chips instead!

A day with the Deadmonds...........

EARLY Saturday morning we drove to Evansville, IN to our friends Jason and Jenna's. Ryan and Jason golfed all day while Jenna and I enjoyed a day at the spa, thanks to my husband! That evening we went to this great resturant by the water and enjoyed dinner. Alex kept us entertained as he flirted with all the women at each table.
With Jenna's wristlet in hand, Alex
greeted all the ladies at the surrounding tables.
A Family Shot
Mr. Alex