Feed a Cold Starve a Fever?

Everyone around me has been sick with the Southern Illinois allergy bug. I was secretly gloating to myself last week about how I never get sick and that allgeries is something I've never had to struggle with. My husband struggles enough for the both of us! Yesterday morning I woke up to a hoarse voice and a constant dry cough. Nothing cures it except for EATING! I swear! Cough medicine, 2 packages of cough drops, hot tea, honey, hot shower and nothing will stop this cough but stuffing my face with food. Right now I am working on angel food cake and melted chocolate chips! I don't eat this way! This cold has got me down for the count. I curse you allergies!!! I need to get out in this 90 degree weather and go for my daily run but the thought of that makes me cringe! I'd rather eat a bag of chips instead!