"Just Fix It"

Today my director, business manager, and I attended the Human Service rally in downtown Carbondale. Hundreds of people came to listen to directors of social service agencies speak about the fate of their organizations if the state proceeds with huge funding cuts. My company is a non for profit that depends on state funding to operate. Our company will see massive layoffs, salaries slashed, and programs cut if the budget is passed. Citizens who are developmentally disabled will be out of work, housing, and assistance. Women and children who seek shelter at the Women's Center will have to go elsewhere when physical and sexual abuse effects them. People who are suffering from substance and alcohol abuse will have to go out of state for treatment because our centers will be shutdown. Unemployment will rise to an all time high and create an even bigger deficit. It makes my blood boil to know that so many people will be affected if something doesn't happen. It was an emotional day. If you live in Illinois contact your State Representative and let them know that thousands of people will be devistated if something isn't done.
View of behind me

The most heart wrenching sign of the day.


The Dunnings said...

Oh Melis, this post makes my heart hurt. But hopefully things will get fixed and nobody will be affected. I read something today that said, "When Satan knocks, let God answer the door."