A little time with Jack........

On Friday afternoon I stopped by Katies House to drop off something. While I was there I persuaded her to let me take Jack off her hands while she ran around preparing for Jacks first birthday on Saturday. Jack and I played hard at my house and then it was off to my parents house (Where my mom showed him how to play catch and my dad played a horrible game of "Go ahead and hit me with the remote because it's funny"). I am fully convinced that children don't care about toys at this age. With all the toys he had in his bag he was fully entranced by the big yellow bowl with the two mixing spoons. What is it with all my friends children having ridiculously good behavior? He did nothing but laugh and smile the whole time I had him! I'm going to chuck it up to the excellent parenting. Let's hope that their skills someday rub off on me!
We were mixing sippy cup and a cellphone making a delicious concoction.
He chased Little Kitty around the house. Finally he came
around wanting to play. Displaying his good manners, Jack offered some apple
juice to the furry thing. (Katie don't worry, LK did not
actually touch the cup. He just smelled it!)


The Parrish Family said...

That's an adorable post. Thanks so much for watching him. You're a lifesaver...once again!