Halloween Party

Friends of our's Sarah and Ryan recently bought a HUGE historic 3 story home in Nashville, IL. The house was amazing to say the least. They threw a Halloween party on Saturday and we had a blast. Every inch of the house was covered in Halloween decor. They did an amazing job! The pictures of the outside of the home don't even begin to do this house justice!

Sarah and Ryan the HostsTed Ryan T's Parents
Lady Finger Cookies
Can Anyone Guess Ryan's costume? Thats a lampshade on his head and a nightstand he is wearing.


This guy was a sunburned tourist.

Brit and K Fed

Happy Birthday Merritt and Sophia!

Merritt and Sophia had their birthday party last Saturday at S.I. Bowl. The new children's section is great! The kids bowled, well actually they tried to see who could roll the most balls down the lane as fast as possible, and ate pizza and cupcakes. The kids had a great time. I think

the adults did too!

Merritt showing the boys how to do it right

Caden looking very seriously about his bowling score Vance
Josie and her new week old sister Layne
The Dad's having more fun than the kids! They spent a lot of tokens that afternoon


Happy Birthday Cade!!!!

Cade Matthew came one year ago today at 1:52 p.m. He was 8lbs 14.3 oz and 21 inches long. Now look at this beautiful blue eyed boy! Beth and Ryan have done such an amazing job raising him. He is the funniest & happiest child I have ever met! Happy Birthday Cade! We Love You!


Watching Football

All Sundays in the Fall include morning golf and football in the evening. Here they are watching an exciting game. This was an hour later. Little kitty is really comfortable. Really.



Tonight the Miles Family asked us all over for a cookout. The girls sat inside and caught up while the guys grilled and talked about guy stuff. The kids are all getting so big! I only took a few pictures. As they get older, they get faster. I can't keep them still long enough to take the pictures like I used to!

Vance started talking today. Na, Na, Na, Na, is what he was saying.

Miss Sophia was given Elmo shoes from Caden. She LOVED them.Merritt is gearing up for his 4th birthday. Tobey is throwing Merritt and Sophia a party for the both of them next weekend. Caden and his dad were roasting marshmallows to make us all smores. Here is a shot of him posing after the first initial sugar rush.

First time I have EVER seen Ryan hold a baby. I think they were both a little uncomfortable!


Happy Anniversary MeMe and Poppy

Things have been hectic, a post from last month!
Last month, September 23rd to be exact, we held a 60th anniversary party for my grandparents. My mom and Aunt Barb did all the planning and we all pitched in to decorate. It was beautiful! All the guests said it was the nicest anniversary party they had ever been to! It was such a great day to celebrate their 60 years of marriage! Can you even imagine 60 years??

Little Details
Ryan did all of their pumpkins. B for Bill and M for Mary and a 60The Newlyweds

Cutting their cake


A Celebration for Evan

Today we had Evan's memorial. It was very nice. We had a packed house. The funeral directors had to add chairs in the aisles. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Marcy Webber. If you have read the guestbook, you are familiar with her posts. She has been such an a wealth of words and wisdom these four months. It was wonderful to put a face with a name finally. There were so many COTA family there is was amazing. Thank you for all of my friends and family that have supported him through these 4 months. What an amazing child. We released 300 balloons at the end of the service. Each balloon had a note tucked inside about Evan. It was a beautiful sight.
P.S. While I was speaking today at the service I was talking about him & Thomas. At that moment several people told me that they heard the train outside going by. The train blew it's whistle. I couldn't have asked for a better sign from Evan.


A Beautiful Ending to an Amazing Begining.........

Our Evan is playing in Heaven this morning with his grandma KiKi and all the other children in God's house. Evan passed last night quietly with all of his family and friends around him. A child that was in my life for such a short time made a bigger impact in my life more than anyone else. Evan was contagious, all consuming, pure love. He so loved life, never complained, and played hard. This child makes my heart hurt with loneliness of his laugh and his smile. But I know that in the end, Evan won the fight. He fufilled his life's goal. God sent him here to touch us, to make us closer with him, closer to our families. He sure did live a fufilling life. Some might say he didn't get to have all those moments. Evan didn't get to play high school football, go to college, get married, or have children. All those goals we check off that we think we have to do to make a fufilled life. What if our lives aren't evaluated by what we do here with accomplishments? Maybe life is evaluated by how we touch others, how we leave that thumbprint on earth before we pass on. If that's true, Evan made a huge handprint on life, on us, on our hearts.

Evan, you continue playing hard with KiKi, watch all those Backyardigan shows we missed, and I'm sure like mommy said that KiKi has all the toys you could ever want. We will see you again soon. I can't wait to hear your laugh. I love you.

Evan and KiKi. I imagine they are doing this right now. Playing with his beloved train table.