A Beautiful Ending to an Amazing Begining.........

Our Evan is playing in Heaven this morning with his grandma KiKi and all the other children in God's house. Evan passed last night quietly with all of his family and friends around him. A child that was in my life for such a short time made a bigger impact in my life more than anyone else. Evan was contagious, all consuming, pure love. He so loved life, never complained, and played hard. This child makes my heart hurt with loneliness of his laugh and his smile. But I know that in the end, Evan won the fight. He fufilled his life's goal. God sent him here to touch us, to make us closer with him, closer to our families. He sure did live a fufilling life. Some might say he didn't get to have all those moments. Evan didn't get to play high school football, go to college, get married, or have children. All those goals we check off that we think we have to do to make a fufilled life. What if our lives aren't evaluated by what we do here with accomplishments? Maybe life is evaluated by how we touch others, how we leave that thumbprint on earth before we pass on. If that's true, Evan made a huge handprint on life, on us, on our hearts.

Evan, you continue playing hard with KiKi, watch all those Backyardigan shows we missed, and I'm sure like mommy said that KiKi has all the toys you could ever want. We will see you again soon. I can't wait to hear your laugh. I love you.

Evan and KiKi. I imagine they are doing this right now. Playing with his beloved train table.


Estel's said...


Even though we have not met - my heart aches for you and Evan's family. I am a friend of Beth's. I have followed the story through your blog and then the COTA website since last May. I hurried to the computer every morning, several times through out the day and then before bed to check on Evan and his day. There were so many emotions. I can't possibly imagine loosing my child. My heart goes out to them. I asked a friend last night, "Why does it take something so tragic like this to make us realize that we are so fortunate? Why don't we realize, until times like this, that the little things in life we shouldn't spend so much time worrying over?" Today, I stopped....I took the extra time to read a book to my girls....to hug them...to share that precious time with them.

Evan has taught us so much! Someone so little - but such a big inspiration. Please know that the deMello's have so many people praying for their strength and courage as they travel through this next door.

You have been a wonderful friend to them.... thanks for the beautiful words....


Mama Muhs said...


I have been doing my daily "blog surfring" and it is just amazing to me to see how many people have mentioned Evan on their blogs today. People who have never met him but have been so touched by his courageous fight. I don't think any of us can even explain why a little boy we don't even know has touched us so deeply, but he definitely has. My heart aches for Sean and Natalie as I'm sure they are now trying to figure out where their lives go from here without their precious little boy. I just can't fathom that.

Thank you so much for sharing his story with us. He really has changed the way I look at my life and my family, especially my child. I only wish that it didn't take something so tragic to make me see how precious life and family are to me and that I shouldn't take it for granted. But like you said, maybe that was Evan's job in his short time with us. What a tall order for such a little boy. But he carried it out beautifully, didn't he? I will never forget him and I will continue to pray for his wonderful parents.


Kelli Corbin said...

Hey Melissa -I am praying for you so much - My heart aches, but I am praying for God's purpose to be revealed to so many.