A Celebration for Evan

Today we had Evan's memorial. It was very nice. We had a packed house. The funeral directors had to add chairs in the aisles. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Marcy Webber. If you have read the guestbook, you are familiar with her posts. She has been such an a wealth of words and wisdom these four months. It was wonderful to put a face with a name finally. There were so many COTA family there is was amazing. Thank you for all of my friends and family that have supported him through these 4 months. What an amazing child. We released 300 balloons at the end of the service. Each balloon had a note tucked inside about Evan. It was a beautiful sight.
P.S. While I was speaking today at the service I was talking about him & Thomas. At that moment several people told me that they heard the train outside going by. The train blew it's whistle. I couldn't have asked for a better sign from Evan.


Estel's said...

Melissa -

Thanks for the nice words about my mom, Marcy! She is absolutely amazing with words and I draw a lot of strength from her. After my brother's incident - she has only grown stronger and stronger and she is able to help others. I love her for that!

More importantly - she said what a wonderful service it was and she really enjoyed meeting you. Unfortunately I was unable to come - but I had her call me directly after the service and tell me all about it. What a wonderful celebration to Evan and his life!

Thank you again for the wonderful friend you have been to the de Mello's - they are very lucky to have someone so special in their life!

We will continually keep Evan's family tucked close to our hearts and in our prayers daily.

Much love -


fmiles said...

Yea.. Kalen said that he heard the train.. I was out in the hall with Vance trying to get him to sleep...Kalen said that he wanted to stand up and tell everyone to listen.. but anyways.. you are right what a great sign from Evan.. He was definitely looking down upon us today.. And I'm sure he had a HUGE smile on his face.. Knowing that he touched so many lives and brought So many great people together!!
Luv ya!!

The Kresl Family said...

I wish that I could have come down for Evan's memorial. I wrote to Sean and Natalie on teh COTA website many times that Evan's journey really touched me very deeply.

Brooke said...

I wish I could have come to the memorial as well. I was there in spirit though. Thank you again for letting this little boy into our lives!! Brooke