Tonight the Miles Family asked us all over for a cookout. The girls sat inside and caught up while the guys grilled and talked about guy stuff. The kids are all getting so big! I only took a few pictures. As they get older, they get faster. I can't keep them still long enough to take the pictures like I used to!

Vance started talking today. Na, Na, Na, Na, is what he was saying.

Miss Sophia was given Elmo shoes from Caden. She LOVED them.Merritt is gearing up for his 4th birthday. Tobey is throwing Merritt and Sophia a party for the both of them next weekend. Caden and his dad were roasting marshmallows to make us all smores. Here is a shot of him posing after the first initial sugar rush.

First time I have EVER seen Ryan hold a baby. I think they were both a little uncomfortable!