Happy Anniversary MeMe and Poppy

Things have been hectic, a post from last month!
Last month, September 23rd to be exact, we held a 60th anniversary party for my grandparents. My mom and Aunt Barb did all the planning and we all pitched in to decorate. It was beautiful! All the guests said it was the nicest anniversary party they had ever been to! It was such a great day to celebrate their 60 years of marriage! Can you even imagine 60 years??

Little Details
Ryan did all of their pumpkins. B for Bill and M for Mary and a 60The Newlyweds

Cutting their cake


Mama Muhs said...

What great pictures! And they are even color-coordinated to match their party! Ryan is so awesome at carving pumpkins! I'll never forget those cute ones he did for Beth after Cade was born. Great job, Ryan!