Poor Pitiful Child....

This is the only way we can get her to sleep! Swaddled, with her legs out (she hates her legs confined), no pants (she is hot like a radiator and sweats), and a clothespin to secure the swaddle blanket. Since her legs are out, she can wiggle out of the darn thing and the clothespin ensures the blanket doesn't end up around her mouth! God love her, it looks pitiful, but I swear she likes it!!

Good Morning .....

Watching Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends



On Sunday while Ryan was gearing up for Sunday Football, he took a moment to watch a video on ESPN.com. Lauren was enthralled by it. She sat there and watched the whole thing. I thought it was hilarious to watch. The two of them are pretty cute. I love them so......


The two loves of my life.....

Monday night football always consisted of a long nap on the den floor. Now we have a new fan to add to the slumber party.


Lots of photos

I just wanted to update all you guys on Lauren. Since her birth at a whopping 9.5lbs she has now gone down a pound and is at 8.5 lbs. We are doing the whole eat, sleep, change the diaper routine. Routine, oh how I wish that I meant the real definition of the word. No routine here. Not yet anyway. After coming home, we looked at a picture of Ryan at the same age. She is his twin. No doubt about it. Right now she has this funny look on her face most of the time. It's like a little furrowed brow look like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. A family friend said that it's because she's an old soul. I liked that.

Enjoy the pictures....I hear a little girl crying.

Ryan at her age. I couldn't crop the darn picture.
Morning girl talk time
At the hospital. I was exhausted. She obviously was as well.
Proud Nanny
Proud Poppy
Very very very ridiculously proud daddy...He keeps saying how pretty she is. I say, it's because she looks identical to you! Of course you think you're pretty. ; )


She is here!!!

We welcome Lauren Olivia Farley to the world... She was at a whopping 9 lbs 5 oz and 22 inches long.


We have a date with the doctor......

Tomorrow morning we will be arriving at the hospital for Lauren to arrive via c-section. Apparently, the only small part of my body is my pelvis. Figures.......

I'm am a complete wreck right now. Mainly because becoming a parent is sinking in like the Titanic! If you know me at all you know I'm a complete control freak. I know I can kiss this goodbye because Lauren will refuse to even humor my "set" schedule and my particularity. Wish us luck tomorrow. Our computers are packed so we can post as soon as we are able!!! This is my last post before I am a mom. Very strange.....

Lauren's Nursery

Here are a few snapshots of Lauren's room. We aren't completely done with it. We still need a few things on the walls. I always go in there and sit in the chair and imagine what it will be like to have her around. I can't believe that we are now counting down the hours......

The lighting is bad in her room because we don't have window treatments yet. Here is a shot of her bedding that Ryan's grandma made her. I absolutely love it. With the left over fabric, I made her lamp shade and 2 memory boards.

I love this little keepsake bib. I think I will frame it in a shadowbox.

The picture of the bunnies came from my mom on my 30th birthday. She got both of them from Etsy. The large one with the daddy and mommy bunny is called "Expecting". The little one is called "And then there were three".

Her ridiculously full closet, her changing table, and bassinet.


Let me jog your memory......

So this was me back in January.....Oh my word. I'm left speechless.

Here I am at 38 weeks. Can you tell the enthusiasm has left? The little piece of cake on the sign was for my birthday. I turned 30 last week. Let me tell you, I partied like crazy.....Right.....
As far as any progress, I'm still at the beautiful number 0!! Not dilated not effaced. Just waddling around cleaning everything in sight. I actually cleaned my washer and dryer today. Seriously....lots of sarcasm today. I'm not feeling very chippy at this point. Perhaps, I'll vacuum the walls next....Just kidding, I'm not that crazy. I will save that for tomorrow.