Lots of photos

I just wanted to update all you guys on Lauren. Since her birth at a whopping 9.5lbs she has now gone down a pound and is at 8.5 lbs. We are doing the whole eat, sleep, change the diaper routine. Routine, oh how I wish that I meant the real definition of the word. No routine here. Not yet anyway. After coming home, we looked at a picture of Ryan at the same age. She is his twin. No doubt about it. Right now she has this funny look on her face most of the time. It's like a little furrowed brow look like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. A family friend said that it's because she's an old soul. I liked that.

Enjoy the pictures....I hear a little girl crying.

Ryan at her age. I couldn't crop the darn picture.
Morning girl talk time
At the hospital. I was exhausted. She obviously was as well.
Proud Nanny
Proud Poppy
Very very very ridiculously proud daddy...He keeps saying how pretty she is. I say, it's because she looks identical to you! Of course you think you're pretty. ; )


Estephania said...

She does look IDENTICAL to Ryan! She is perfect! I'm so happy for you guys! Enjoy this time!!!

The Boddies said...

Normally I hate when people say their baby looks identical to one parent or the other, because usually they both just look like tiny wrinkled people. But you are right, those baby pictures could be the same baby! She's so cute, she has so much hair- I forsee some cute bows in her future.

The Dunnings said...

She is beautiful!!!!

Love you guys

Mama Muhs said...

So sweet! Thanks so much for sharing all the photos! How is the nursing and cloth diapering going? Take care!

Brooke said...

Wow, she does look just like Ryan! She is just beautiful Melissa, congratulations once again! Hope your adjusting to and enjoying motherhood! Hope to see you all soon!

Kristin said...

Thanks for posting pictures! She's just beautiful Melissa :)

Gaye Youngman said...

Soooooo precious! I thought the black and white pic was Lauren, too! What a pretty girl Ryan would have a been. :) I can't wait to meet Miss Lauren.

robin said...

So adorable!! She just look a lot like Ryan, pretty crazy. Congrats again!