Lauren's Nursery

Here are a few snapshots of Lauren's room. We aren't completely done with it. We still need a few things on the walls. I always go in there and sit in the chair and imagine what it will be like to have her around. I can't believe that we are now counting down the hours......

The lighting is bad in her room because we don't have window treatments yet. Here is a shot of her bedding that Ryan's grandma made her. I absolutely love it. With the left over fabric, I made her lamp shade and 2 memory boards.

I love this little keepsake bib. I think I will frame it in a shadowbox.

The picture of the bunnies came from my mom on my 30th birthday. She got both of them from Etsy. The large one with the daddy and mommy bunny is called "Expecting". The little one is called "And then there were three".

Her ridiculously full closet, her changing table, and bassinet.


Jane said...

You wouldn't let me say anything today....but it is sooo special and amazing when your daughter has a baby daughter. Some day you will understand. Just know that I love you very much. I know it will be hard, but try and enjoy every minute of your new journey with Lauren because brfore you know it, she will be grown, married and having your grandbaby. I will try not to do the "ugly" cry tomorrow.