Do you Bento?

I have been crazy about Bento Boxes for about a year now. It was just until a month ago that Wren was old enough and had the need for one. She goes to a in home daycare two days a week for the social interaction and just as important, a break for my mom! Since she is currently a vegetarian and non-dairy drinker, I recognize that her diet is not as easy as the other kids at the daycare.  So I started packing her lunches for her much to Mrs. Tina's delight. Now, I don't consider myself a Bento-ist.  I don't go all out like most of them do mainly because I know Wren could care less what her food looks like. Maybe when she gets a little older, I will pull out all the stops.  For now, I will stick to my simple Bentos. I get so excited to make them and I'm constantly thinking about new things to place in them. Do you Bento for your kids? If so do you have any sites you just love? My favorite is Wendolonia.  I love her simple lunches and all her fun ideas. Check it out if you pack your little ones lunches.

Here are my Bentos.(Man, my camera work stinks!)
This is her morning snack. Peach soy yogurt, clementines, and blueberries. 
Peas, tofu bologna & cheese roll ups, blackberries, blueberries, and grapes.  


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I like these blogs for lunch ideas. Luckily for me Jackson's daycare cooks organic foods, all I have to send is his coconut milk and some fruit for a snack. I still like to look at these though for future ideas.