The Farleys in New York

Hello all.... I am sitting in the Newark Airport waiting for my flight and I thought that I would post pictures from when Ryan visited. We had a blast! The first pictures I've posted are from our Sopranos tour that we did. It was so fun! The other half are of the city. On Saturday night we saw Avenue Q on Broadway. It was hilarious! Imagine Seasame Street for Adults meets Rent. I laughed until I cried. I highly recomend it.

The hospital where "A Beautiful Mind" was shot The Resturant where the last scene of the Sopranos was shot
This is obviously the booth where the last scene was shot. They let all 40 of us take turns and sit in it and take a picture. Tony also ate onion rings in that scene and they had onion rings waiting for us.
Our booth shot
The Famous Bada Bing strip club. Yes, we went it! It was apart of the tour!!!
Alright, this is for Ryan. Only Soprano's fans would know what this means. This is behind the Bada Bing where "Ralphie" killed his stripper girlfriend "Tracie". He beat her head in on this guardrail. Nice picture, right?

Look at this narrow hotel!! Seriously two rooms wide! In the city. "Vito" came to our tour and signed autographs
Of course we had to get a picture
Great shot of the skyline from our tour bus
The pizza place that is in the opening credits of the show
Ryan had two things he wanted to do. The Sopranos tour and eat at Papaya Dog. Anthony Bourdain from the Travel channel featured both of them on his show.

I'm really second guessing this place
He loved his sauerkraut dogs but the papaya shake, not so much.
One of our only shots in the city together
The Famous Naked Cowboy, in Times Square
Me in front of the church by the World Trade Center memorial
The foggy city. 8 million people come in and out everyday! Hard to believe isn't?


The Brooks Family said...

love all the pics and so glad to have you back! i know you are too! see you very soon!

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