Hair barrettes....

I started on these sweet hair barrettes yesterday. I think they are adorable. I have found that I love working with felt. It's so forgiving to work with. You can't mess it up and I love the homemade look to it. All the little girls I know wear huge bows, except for one. Miss Ava will get these and they will go perfectly with her beautiful curly hair! I got the idea from Purl Bee's Rose Barrette tutorial. It was super easy! Go there and see all the other awesome tutorials she has for the crafter. Oh and to answer those who might ask, "What if you have a girl? Keep them for her!" I have accepted the fact that this is a boy. No, I don't know that yet, but I have a strong feeling. So the cute cupcakes, barrettes, and bows will have to wait.