Thanks mom for the scary Panda Cat washmitt.........

I knew that my luck would soon run out. I had completed two crafts this weekend fairly easy without any major disasters. I thought I would try Martha's Washcloth Puppets tutorial today. Cutting a towel is the biggest mess ever!!! She has the animal pieces for you to cut out for your mitt. But I didn't have any of those colors of felt laying around. I had black so I decided to do a cat. Not only did this cat turn out looking like a panda, but I am sure if I used this on a kid he would probably cry from fear that the animal was going to attack. Damn you Martha. You make it look so easy. I am dying to do the pig but seriously, wear do you find a pale pig colored towel?

Cat or Panda? Or perhaps neither?
Me imitating what a catpanda would sound like.


Jane said...

Oh My Honey.....he is scary cute! Hey, at least you tried. If I run across any pink towels I'll buy them for you.

The Boddies said...

I'm literally LOLing right now. That is, well I don't know what to say.