Happy Birthday Courtney, Beth, and I

On Saturday Beth and I had our birthday. Courtney's was on the 19th of August. We got together the previous Wednesday night, had dinner, and caught up. Cade was the main entertainment of the evening. He is the happiest child I have EVER seen. He laughed and smiled the whole night. My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so hard the night before.
The mini cakes I had made for us. Of course a cupcake for Cade too!
He LOVED the carrots and corn we had for dinner. He kept eating and eating! He was playing "Where's Cade?"
Look at that smile!!!!
Hmmmm.... "What should I do?"
He pulled Tinley's tail (barely!) and Tinley hissed and took off!! Little Kitty liked Cade though. He would walk up to him and lay down a couple inches in front of him. I think Cade needs a kitten Beth and Ryan!
That would be a candle in Cade's hand. It was apart of Beth's gift and Cade decided he liked it more. He carried it around all night and pretended it was a car. Voorrrummm.....

So we tried to take this picture 5 times! Beth would say "Cade, Cade, look at mommy." He would laugh and it would make me laugh and then he would in turn look up at the crazy laughing lady and not at the camera.


Mama Muhs said...

What cute pictures! I had forgotten that you and Beth share a birthday. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you all had a fun night. How could you not with a date as cute as Cade? ;)