In Loving Memory

Granny, who is Ryan's great grandmother passed last night. She was 94 years young and had a wonderful life full of grandchildren, great grandchildren, & great great grandchildren. Last night she was surrounded by an overwhelming number of family. What a wonderful testimony to her of how much she was loved. Granny whose name is Barbara married a handsome man by the name of Mike Marlow. They had Grandma Phyllis and in Mike's forties, he passed away. Granny lived over 50 years without her husband. I'd like to think that right now, he is showing granny around heaven with her mother and father in tow. I bet she is having a wonderful time. She passed on the last day of the summer. The changing of the seasons and the ever changing circle of life continues. We will see you again Granny. We love you.


The Brooks Family said...

Sorry to hear about Ryan's granny. She lived a long and prosperous life. Our hearts go out to you and Ryan and his family during this time. Take care. Love you.

The Dunnings said...

Ryan so sorry to hear about granny. She will be greatly missed but is in a much better place. Let us know if there is anything we can do. We love you guys.