Want a good laugh?

This is the sweet little jumper I set out to make this weekend. Very easy project, which means so many ways for me to derive from it (which I always do) to screw it up. So here is what it is supposed to look like. After I was done sewing the major seams, I figured I needed to try it on her to see if I needed to make any alterations before going forward. The alteration I made was throwing it in the trash.... I made it too small. I just knew it would fit. eick..... I'm over it!

For one, it turned out looking like overalls and not a jumper! I cut the midsection to narrow. Two, it was so tight on her ankles, Ryan thought we might have to cut it off of her. Fantastic waste of time.....I'm already on to my next project. Typical ADD in me wants to leave this unfinished project and go to a new one. The next one is a bonnet.

She looks horrified doesn't she? Nothing at all like the smiling toddler above, happy to show off her mommy's newest creation! Check out the tight ankle action....


The Boddies said...

I read this post at work during bus dismissal and I just sat there laughing. I love the look on her face, like she doesn't understand what Ryan is making her wear. I'm going to bookmark this and when it's been a long day I'll look at it to cheer me up. I'm sorry it didn't work out but I'm so glad you posted it for us to see.

Lookin Lively said...

This is hilarious...I literally laughed the whole time. It's like an MC Hammer outfit. bahahaha. Good try Momma! I give you props for knowing how to sew!