Guess who is 5 months?

Little Wren....you are 150 days old today. Let's review the month you have had!
You are starting to sleep a little bit better than you were in the previous month. You go down around 630, wake up at 1230 for your paci, wake up at 220 to eat, and 520 to eat again. I then usually feed you before I go to work and you are up for good around 8.
We started feeding you bananas and rice cereal. You love the bananas.
You have started playing games with us. During your lunch dates with your Grandpa, I'm told you play your "lunch" game. This is where you and Grandpa take turns shrieking at each other back and forth.
You are taking anywhere between 2-5 30 min naps a day.
We have ate a several restaurants this month. You sit in your Chicco travel chair like a big girl.
You are trying to hold your bottle.
You are taking your paci out of your mouth and putting it back in.
You have started taking sink baths.
You are 26 inches long and weight 17 lbs.
You are wearing 6-9 clothing and size 2 diapers.
You hair is still wild and is turning a shade of reddish brown.

Happy 5 month birthday my little bird! I have to say that everyone one was right. Being a mother is the best thing I have ever experienced. It amazes me (I know you mothers can agree) that when I'm so exhausted I still get up with excitement to see your little smiling face all snuggled up in your crib. I can't wait to pick you up and fill you full of love for the day. I love you my sweet little bird. Also, Happy 1st Valentines Day to a girl that has stolen our hearts and smothers us with little open mouthed kisses everyday.


Tonya said...

Sooo cute! Her hair is really changing! Not only is it changing color, but looks like it is getting thicker?