Weekend of Random

Ryan left on a little ski vacation, leaving Wren and I to have some girl time this weekend. We had a wonderful time, eating out, shopping, and visiting with our family. She even got to go to our favorite restaurant Thai Taste!! We had a wonderful weekend but we are glad Ryan is home!

Friday night dinner with Nanny and Grandpa

These two are ridiculous

Big girl in a high chair!

Love this shot

I just had to!


The Parrish Family said...

Love the shot of Ry and Wren....definitely frame worthy!! :)

The Boddies said...

those curlers are too much!

Tonya said...

Lol! Loving the rollers! How cute! Looks like Wren loves her grandpa!! Cute pics!

The Kresl Family said...

VELCRO ROLLERS! I LOVE IT!!!! She is just adorable.