Herrin Festa Part 2

This morning we went to the Herrin Festa Parade. Court, Katie, Madalyn, Jack and our moms braved the heat and enjoyed watching the kids mostly, enjoy their first parade. I know these girls from when we were first introduced to eachother from our dance studio back in the 3rd grade. It's amazing that our paths have crossed again and we are such good friends!

The meet and greet. Madalyn kept waving and
pointing at Jack. Jack just looked at her, probaby wondering what was on her head.
Jack and his mommy
Madalyn was dancing to the music
The mommies and their sweaty and tired babies

Sneaking a kiss
Our "Stage Moms", Jane, Barb and Melodie. These women have probably watched over 1,000 dance routines combined. God love them!