4 Month Stats.........

(Picture as she was spiting up, which she thought was hilarious!)

Well Wren, it was your four month birthday on 1-13-11. Here are some
little tidbits on how you are growing so far.........

You are 24 inches long and weigh 16.8 lbs
Two weeks ago we entered the four month sleeping regression club. You won't take your 3 hour naps anymore. They are a 30 minute nap to the second. At night you are waking up several times to eat and to fuss at me.
You rolled over on New Years Day!
The crickets you listened to at night and during nap time have left and have been replaced with a heavy rain sound. (I miss the crickets.)
You have found your tongue and like to lick everything you have in your hands, including your hands.
You tried rice cereal for the first and last time. You ate off a spoon beautifully but are still constipated from it!
You are starting to realize people you know from strangers, hence the screaming.
You have your first "lovie", who you seem to have an affection to.
We can't decide if you have gotten your first cold or if you are battling sinus allergies. (if it's allergies, it's official. You are 100% your father.)

I included this one because I can see a little resemblance of me in her. You think?


Tonya said...

She is such a doll baby! :) Griffin goes to sleep for naps & bedtime with that same heavy rain sound...we never had crickets! He seems to like the rain though! I must admit, its kinda soothing coming thru his baby monitor & into my room as well... :)

Beth said...

Adorable! She is getting so big! I think that big laugh in the first pic is all her momma :) Love it!

Tricia said...

Before I even read your last sentence, I thought to myself...she's really starting to look like her mommy in that picture. She's just beautiful!

I'm sorry to hear about the sleep regression. *knock on wood* that is the only thing we didn't and still haven't had to deal with. Ethan liked the sound of rain or just plain static. Hopefully it will resolve for you soon.