3 weeks ago..

So here is another bi-weekly stomach post. I started taking these really early on to remind myself that there is hope after 9 months!!! I remember this day because it was the first time in days I spent more than 2 mins on getting myself ready for the day. This was also the week I fell down the two freaking CARPETED stairs I have in my house! I fell and landed on my right foot. It is still really sore. I broke my pinky toe and the one beside it. Last week I fell at my mom's house. Ryan has always called me Grace. I have been really living up to it this past month.

This week the morning sickness is starting to transition from 24/7 to just at night. I usually go to bed by 7:30 because I'd rather sleep it off!

I look like a 7 week pregnant tranny. The hair could
easily pass for a Miss America contest. I've noticed the more weight I gain, the larger my hair gets and the heavier my make up gets. Look out Dolly,
I'll give you a run for your money in 7 months.


The Parrish Family said...

You're too much! You look gorgeous now and you will look gorgeous in 7 months!

Mama Muhs said...

You don't look like a tranny! You look beautiful! Glad you are getting a small break from the nausea.