My husband

I have to take a moment to commend my husband on being, "The best man to have around when you are pregnant". When I have asked for things (food, it's always food), he has ran out and purchased them. When I have complained for the 92nd time in the same day, that I feel like death, he has comforted me. When I had nervous breakdowns over, well let's keep those nameless, he has tolerated me.

We spent Friday night and Saturday in St. Louis. Before we left I asked him if we could exchange cards on the trip since our gifts were going to be bought while up there. He gave me my card in a homemade envelope made from a file folder. Inside was this.......

I am ashamed to say I bought a crappy Hallmark card, one with a generic saying. This was by far, the coolest card I had ever received. I am amazed at how Ryan becomes sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.

I thought this was hilarious (mainly because of the pictures he chose) and endearing. I can only imagine the time it took him to make this. I loved it. It was a perfect start to our awesome trip to St. Louis.


The Parrish Family said...

I LOVE the card! And what a catch you have! I'm so happy that he is sympathetic to your needs and wants. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. The getaway was well deserved and needed! :)