I'm So There!! Who's coming with me?

I just found this on Mo Willems's website. They are having a Pigeon Party! I love love love this author for so many reasons. Girl's you'll have to loan me your kids for the day. I'm not going by myself, people will think I'm there to steal kids or something werido like that. Then again, perhaps it is a little strange that a 28 yr old woman (with no kids) loves this Pigeon as much as I do.

It will tour USA and Canada during 2009 and 2010.
Check back for updates and tour schedule.

Here is info about the tour!

Mo Willem's Pigeon is back and ready to party! Squeezing all the fun of the first three Pigeon books into one raucous production, this lively show for children 3 and up is full of fun, feathers, laughter and excitement and features original music and lots of audience participation. Can you stop Pigeon driving the bus? Will he share the hot-dog? And after all that it’s time for bed, the Bus Driver wants Pigeon to go to bed, all his friends want him to go to bed, but the question is will you let him stay up late???

There is someone else who loves this Pigeon as much I do. Although he won't be able to come with me I know he's probably already seen this and much funnier shows in heaven.


fmiles said...

wow.. i didnt know that mo did tours! well.. you got us into mo williams pigeon books.. we love them.. so yes.. keep us posted on when and where she will be!! thanks lissa!!