A Crafty Weekend........

The creative bug bit me this weekend. It started off Thursday night baking Chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I intended on sending them all with Ryan Friday morning for his office. The cookies instead were sent to my thighs and stomach. I need to forget how to bake. I then started making some new baby gifts for a couple of friends of mine. I made two sets of burp cloths, in my most favorite fabric and a onsie to complete each set. I then made a couple of onsies with some cute animal appliques. I finished off the weekend with a new necklace and bracelet with some great springy green beads. I plan to rest tomorrow. Yeah right! Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!!!
What did I ever do without this machine!
The finished product

2 super cute onsies! These are my test dummies. I'm still working out some kinks!

A set of 3 burp cloths and a cute little onsie that matches!

My apple green 4 strand necklace and matching bracelet.


The Parrish Family said...

WOW!! I'm impressed! I wish the creative bug would bite me too :)