Best Baby Item!

Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair

I want to tell everyone about the highchair that we have. I opted out of the large free standing chair because we do not have a dinning room that has a place to store one. When I saw this online, I thought it would be perfect for us. We eat mostly at our breakfast bar and this chair fits right in between us perfectly. Instead of having to use restaurant high chairs that she is still a little to small for, we can easily fold this one up and take it with us. We have yet to find an eatery where it doesn't fit nicely on the end of the table. It's also great to take to our family get togethers. She is always in the same chair and she feels comfortable in it. Another great feature is that it has the 360 rotating seat. This is great for when one of us wants to eat so we swivel her 90 degrees so the other one can feed her. She also likes to people watch so I can turn it so she can take in the view. The only feature that I dislike and other reviewers agree, is that it is a little troublesome to clean. I scrubbed it last night with some spray on cleaner and a brush but it took Ryan a couple of minutes to figure out how to take it completely off the base to do so. But other than that, I would say this is one of the best baby items we have right now! So if you are in the market to buy a chair, look one up. I would strongly suggest NOT buying the 2 other options Chicco has out. They are the older models and didn't get the rave reviews that this one did. I got mine at Babies R Us but I see that you can order it on Amazon as well. Oh, and I didn't get paid to say any of that! Just wanted to share how much I love this chair!!!


The Boddies said...

this looks like something I need. Online reviews complained about it being hard to clean, but the picture they sent looked like they let their baby go ape shit with food. Do you think it is hard to clean? It's a good price, too so that makes me like it even more

The Farleys said...

I can scrub it no problem without taking it apart! Get it, you won't be disappointed!