Happy 30th Birthday Ryan!

Yesterday, Ryan turned 30. As all of our other friends turn 30 and their significant others are throwing them surprise parties, I quickly let Ryan know that this year he would have to forgo a surprise party. With a 9 week old thrown in the mix, I simply didn't have the time or the brain power to plan one. Sorry Ry.... All of Ryan's family is in celebrating a wedding this weekend, so it was so nice to have all of our extended family in to spend his 30th with him.

As you say goodbye to your 20's, I hope that your 30's are even more memorable and fulfilling. We love you!!!


The Dunnings said...

Happy Birthday Ry, we love you and hope you had a great one!!!!!!! Sometimes the best birthdays are the relaxed ones.

Estephania said...

you look amazing, melissa... i'm jealous :)

The Boddies said...

How did you have time to put up a tree? I am hoping to get ours up on Friday.

Happy Birthday, Ryan!