Lauren, you turned a month old yesterday. I can't believe that for 30 days, I have been a mommy. We both have learned so much from each other in that time.

You are sleeping 3-4 hours at a time.
At night you wake up twice just to eat and go right back to sleep.
You get the hiccups ALL the time.
You love to watch Dora the Explorer and Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends.
You have to be swaddled in order to sleep. If not your arms will wake you up.
You have gone through 4 different types of swaddle blankets. All you can escape from, but seem to settle on the Miracle Blanket.
You weigh 10 lbs and are 22 inches long.
You are super strong and hold your head up with no problem for several minutes at a time.
You strongly dislike it when you potty in your diaper and make sure everyone knows in a 20 mile radius.
The only time you cry is when you are hungry, tired, potty pants, or hot. Other than that you are calm as can be.
I am so thankful for such a good and patient baby.
I am working on being more of a patient mommy.
Happy one month birthday my little Wren.


Jane said...

OMG...too cute. She really is a good girl mommy. This crazy world is very new to her. You are doing a great job!!!

The Kresl Family said...

Can't believe it! One month! I'm sure that you are an amazing mom. You're so lucky to have such a good little lady.

Beth said...

so sweet! she is growing so fast and couldn't be more adorable. love the post!