A day with my husband

Very rarely do Ryan and I get a day together. This Saturday we had the chance to run up to St. Louis to pick out our countertops and we made the day out of it. We finally chose our backsplash and countertops. We then went to the Botanical Gardens. I didn't realize that it was 72 acres of land smack dab in the middle of St. Louis. They were having a Chinese Culture Days while we where there. There was also an artist that was being spotlighted that month whose sculptures were incredible. Ryan has always worn these incredibly ugly sunglasses he buys once a year at Gas Mart in Carterville. Buy one get one free. We both agree they make him look creepy. The highlight of the day was when we saw a lady around mid 70's wearing the exact glasses. He tried to stop her but she didn't hear him. That would have been an awesome photo opt! We then left and ate at the Spaghetti Factory, our favorite. We had such an awesome day together it reminded me of why I love him so much! Couples need those day when there are no plans to get to, no cellphones that need answered, just the couple. It was awesome. Thanks Ry.

A beautiful Peony for my friend Shelly

This is my favorite flower! Allium
One of the many sculptures they had moved there
for the exhibition. Can you imagine how much it weighs?
Another sculpture

A quick shot of us. A self taken photo, always unflattering! The sunglasses I spoke about!
A view of the glass greenhouse
Below in the water you can see colored balls. Those were
all blown glass ornaments that were floating
in the wading pool. They were unbelievable.

This was apart of the Grand Parade they had at 2:00. They had drummers, acrobats, and of course the Chinese Dragon.
A field of Iris

The blown glass sculpture hanging from the top of the building. It was amazing.