My 30th Birthday (1 month early)

So, I left you all hanging with the set of clues two posts ago! The girls took me to Louisville, KY to celebrate my 30th. We saw the musical Jersey Boys, ate at Bistro 301, shopped, and ate some more. It was so nice to get away for my last time before Lauren arrives. These 4 girls made sure that my 30th was a special memory for me eventhough I am dreading it like the plauge. I was so touched that they went out of their way to make me feel so loved. I'm sooo incredibly lucky to have them all. Love you girls!!

**Disclaimer** The following pictures depict me as a whale. I'm almost 9 months pregnant. Pictures should not be allowed at this point. My friends thought otherwise......
Beth, Katie, Courtney, Whale, Michele

Eating at Bistro 301.

They hauled to KY my favorite cupcakes and had our waiter bring them out as a surprise. I immediately started crying and laughing. They had placed on each cupcake 6 picks that displayed a word that described me. The words ranged from Eyeshadow to Inspiring. Everyone was looking at us because I was laughing and crying so hard.
Click on the picture to enlarge it to read the words.


Kristin said...

Wow, it looks like you girls have a GREAT time!! :) How fun!

The Guthman Family said...

It looks like you girls has a wonderful time, and for the record you do not look like a whale, you are beautiful!! - Happy early 30th!! - Melinda

Jill said...

How thoughtful were the cupcakes and picks! You've got some great friends.
And you look beautiful in the pics-not at all whale-ish!
Thanks for sharing!

I love 30th birthday celebrations! This one looks great!
I celebrated mine for 30 days!

The Diehl Family said...

What fun! Sounds like you girls had a blast! Happy Early 30th B-day!

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