My birthday and the days past...........

The past weekend has been a typical crazy one.   Last week was my 31st birthday.  We went to Ryan's parents house for dinner and watched everyone swim.  We had a big party for Ryan's brother who finished grad school this summer. All of his family was in and it was a great weekend spent with all of them and enjoying the amazing meals that they prepare! Lauren is nearing the 12 month mark.  She and I are battling Fall allergies right now so there is a lot of wiping runny noses and saying "God bless you", after her 100th sneeze of the day.  All in all, it was a fantastic crazy week! Posting seems like the last thing that is ever on my list and I hate that!  Once I pick my camera up from the shop this week, I hope that will persuade me to post more!

 Lauren swimming with her dad and grandpa
 Doing tricks in the water with grandpa