Thanksgiving recap.......

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did. Boy, I can't tell you the last time I have felt so completely full. Full of blessings that is. We are incredibly blessed to have such an amazing family around us.  I hope you all spent the day enjoying the ones you love!! Here are a few of my pictures.  We celebrated with both sides of our family, but for now I just have ones mainly from our dinner at home. I will post more when I get them!

This is after Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  This is my dad and my grandpa, Wren's great grandpa.  Both of them are literally the perfect examples of what a grandfather should be.  I have amazing memories with both of them and Wren is already working on hers.  
 We found out that Wren LOVES pumpkin pie. She was tricking my grandpa into giving her her second piece. It of course worked.....
 Happy she could be outside for a few minutes during our annual photo shoot.
 Go-cart rides with her bubby. 
 This is her second time out of her life. Hitting has entered her repertoire.  There will be thousands more but we had to capture it.  She sits there completely still and just looks at everyone.  We all say, "Don't look at her!" but we are all looking while we say it!  : )
 Me and my tiniest blessing! And her with her tiny pony tail!
  Look at those little turkeys!! I loved these!!!
 All the pies from our dinner at home. First time making a pecan pie.  It was a success!