Five Thing About Me Friday

1. I LOVE yoga.  I started doing it 3 years ago when I was running habitually.  I would usually run my 3 miles and then come home and do my favorite yoga show on Fit TV, Namaste Yoga.  Sadly, it has since gone off the air and I recently got the 2nd season on DVD.  I promise it is the best instructional yoga around! It also has amazing reviews on Amazon.

2. I am a previous tanorexic.  I lived in a tanning bed during college. When I look back at pictures I was so ridiculously dark (but still felt pale) that I looked sick! Now I slather on SPF every time I am out in the sun.  So many women are developing skin cancer that can possibly lead to death. I might be next!  Even though my legs look less damaged by hail when I'm dark, I am choosing the sunless tanning route to prolong my life a little longer. It will be definitely worth it in the end!

3. Number 2 led to number 3.  I am crazy about my skin care regimen.  Because of all the sun damage I have done to my face, I am developing premature wrinkles and sun spots.  I clean my face every morning and every night and apply an SPF moisturizer each time.  In the shower I use a facial scrub and I use a peel twice a week. On top of that, I have super dry skin. Great for pimple less skin but bad for the production of wrinkles. My favorite two products ever are St. Ives Apricot Scrub and So Moist (discontinued) moisturizing mask by Estee Lauder. Currently I am using Time Zone moisturizer by E.L. and a peel by Juice Beauty called Apple Peel

4. I am obsessed with reality T.V.  I watch ALL of the Housewives shows, Bethany Ever After, anything Kardashian, and then The Soup to tie it all up for me just in case I missed something. I tivo all of them and watch them in 15 minute increments when  I get a break here and there. I love these dang shows. But in my defense, Swamp People and Gold Rush are my husband's favorite shows. These shows are exact duplicates of mine except with men and a few less teeth.

5.  In high school I was called Tree Trunks Tanner (maiden name) by the boys in my P.E. classes. I could out leg press 90% of them. Between walking on my tip toes the majority of my life and several years of dance, I had calves the size of a California Redwood.  Lauren now walks on her tip toes now. Although I think it's so dang cute, I am silently cringing thinking she might get them too! Even when I was running regularly they didn't shrink a inch. I swear I could be 65lbs and still have them. If you ever need your car pulled out of a ditch, call me. LOL!


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I committed number 2 and am obsessed like number 3 now too:(

Estephania said...

Love these types of posts! You know we share #4! I can't wait to get together and maybe watch a few episodes and rehash with some wine! :) xoxo

Gaye Youngman said...

Love reading your blog and seeing all the cute pics of Lauren!
So glad you are no longer a tanorexic! "A tan to die for" just isn't worth it!

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