Turkey Trot

Today my husband ran in the Annual Turkey Trot that Herrin has every year. They have a 15k run, 5k run, and a 5k walk. He has been running most nights preparing for today and the future mini tri-athalon that he and 3 other guys are going to do in August. He did the 5k run and I did the walk. He finished in 32 mins. I finished in 42 mins. I cheated and jogged. The women in the "walk" catagory were NOT walking. Those women were speed walking demons. I had to jogg to keep up! I just have to say how PROUD I am of my husband. He did an amazing job today. I wish I could have seen him crossing the finish line. Thanks to Ryan's mom, grandma Phyllis, grandpa Al & grandma Mary for taking the pictures and cheering us on. The route took us into my parents neighborhood and my mom even ran out to take some pictures. I know that the other people in the race thought we were hilarious with our entarage with us. The 15k runners were amazing. I can't imagine having that much stamina to finish. They were great to watch. It was a great morning.

Before the Race

Taking off!

Ryan during the run

Ryan Finishing!!!!

Taking a Breather after the race

Me finishing


The Dunnings said...

Congrats you little athletic couple. You guys did awesome and I'm so proud of both of you. Great job!!!

Jane said...

I'm so proud of my 2 kids!! You both are awesome! I especially like Ryans little running attire. You both make my heart smile.