Welcome Home Matt

Tonight we had a get together because one of our good friends was in town. This is Matt. We all went to school with him and currently he lives in Chicago where he is an amazing artist. Sadly, he was in town due to the passing of his grandfather. It was sooooooooo wonderful to see him dispite the circumstances. He is the funniest guy I know. We all have wonderful stories and memories of Matt.

Matt, hope this is worth you posting. I made sure
that my tooth was at a good angle. : )This would be a shot of the class of '99
Ryan, Matt, Tara, Nate, Katie, Miranda, and Kalin
Here's some big news.........
BRONSON & KATIE ARE EXPECTING!!!! She is due in the middle of July!!!
A HUGE CONGRATS to you both!Tobey swears that the pencil test can prove if it's a boy or girl.
So here we are testing it. If the pencil circles it will
be a girl, if it goes from side to side obviously it's boy. Bronson and Miranda patiently waiting. This test was also done on
Miranda by Tobey when she was pregnant with Preston.

To Tobey's calculations it's a BOY!!
Preston walked in the door and Sophia walked up to him and gave him a big HUG. Kids are so sweet.

Preston was amazed at Vance's walker.
This beautiful baby boy is Tara and Joe's son.
He made himself right at home and fit in very nicely!

Here is James and his Mommy Vance, he always looks so alarmed by me and the camera attached to my hand at all times
Miss Sophia walks into my living room and goes "Tapee, look at Lala's (Melissa) tape". She managed to pull out only half of the roll. It was cute though. Nate was very amused!


The Dunnings said...

Oooh, these kids are so cute. I can't wait!!!! Congrats to Katie and Bronson I'm so happy for you both. Time for another blogger.

threearmedman said...

Aw, thanks for postings such a nice lil' intro, kid...

The pics rock. Thanks so much for havin' me over.

PS: The tooth is the shizzz...