Happy Valentines to all of my Blogger Family! Hope your day is filled with warm fuzzies and a lot of chocolate!!!
I made this pop up card for Ryan for Valentines Day. It is hilarious but it was really fun to make. It took a couple of rough drafts before I got it totally right.

It says, "Our Love is......"
" Perfect to a tee." Get it? Golf Tee?? Ha ha I kill me! When you open it the arms move up and down and we hug. Cute, huh?
I made him take it to work this morning and put it on his desk!
These are the mini banana bread loaves I made for all my Valentines
I made all of these super cute tags to tie around them

This one is my favorite. "BEE Mine". Opps! I just realized
as I look at the tag, I forgot the extra E in Bee! Finished Product!


The Guthman Family said...

Love the card Melissa - too funny! and Happy Valentine's Day to you! - Melinda