Friday night at the Simpkins House

Friday night we went over to Nate and Tobey's and had a great time! All the kids were in attendance but Caden. We missed him greatly! As always the kids are our entertainment and it always turns into a dance party!! Vance is now walking so that was fun to see! Vance, he doesn't look so much like a baby anymore!
Sophia and her mermaid spying goggles
Preston actually wanted his picture taken. I guess he has learned that I'll just chase him around for it anyways. So he just sat still for it.
Merrett is definetly growing up!
Vance thinking about letting go

The dance party begins!

"Preston said, "Hey watch this!"

Flips, somersalts, and some massive head knocks on the wooden floor were all observed at this dance party. We ended the night all watching the "Good Night Show" and all was well.

Good Night