A kitchen remodel. YIKES!!!!!

Tonight we started our first big remodeling job. The KITCHEN!! I will miss our plastic white backsplash, curtains and matching wallpaper trim, the stove from 1934, and most of all I will miss the plastic-like white counter tops that stain with everything it comes in contact with. Ryan and his dad ripped out the cabinets, fridge, and dishwasher. The bad news is Ryan will not get any homecooked meals by me for at least 3 months. The good news is he never got any meals cooked by me to begin with so we won't be missing either!


After 4 hours


fmiles said...

I love it! i love tearing stuff apart! doesnt it feel awesome!!?? it is gonna look so good when you guys get it all done! good luck!! hope ryan keeps his sanity! well.. and you too!