Did Hell Freeze Over?

Yep this is me. Uh, don't look too closely, just take my
word for it!

I've been running. Yes. Like running shoes, outside on the road, sweaty, sports bra running. If you know me, you know I can't even walk a mile unless someone was dangling cake in front of me. Last week I got the urge to run strangely. This time it actually worked. I have ran a mile, yes my fitness freak friends don't laugh ( I have to start small), every night for a week. My goal is to run 2 miles by next month. Sadly, running a mile only burns about 130 calories. Because let me tell you, when I am running that mile, it feels like it should be burning at least 1500. You know what I don't get, when people say that working out makes them have more energy. Nope not me. I could run 6 miles and then jump in bed and take a nap. I am dying for some red wine right now. But my sorry legs are too tired to drive and get some. Why aren't there alcohol delivery services?