The Easter Bunny Came!!

This is what was waiting for me when I walked in to the den this morning. I was a little confused. All of these items, with the exception of two, were from my pantry. The pink hat was a gift Ry gave to me this week when he went to the Masters. The Coach umbrella I take it was my Easter present. I asked him what was the reason for all the other misc. items. He told me they were for garnish, just to make it look prettier. He just might have a job dressing windows, I tell you. Oh and the pink ribbon is surveying tape he uses on job sites. I'll give him an A for effort. The Easter Bunny also left me this sweet little Lemon Button fern. This bell jar was an early Easter gift from Angie, Ry's mom. I love that I have a real use for it now. The shell beside it has a little suculant and a seedum planted in it. I have been trying to find a good shell and was even on Ebay last night looking for one to do this craft. This morning I was shocked to see that the Easter Bunny left one for me at Dave and Angies!! Here is the annual holiday photo opt.
Me, Ry, Angie, Kyle, & Dave

My baby brother Nick, my mom, and me.
My dad was out getting the car. Sorry poppy.

My Poppy Ed, Nicky, Me, and Poppy Bill


The Parrish Family said...

Great Easter pics and you look adorable as always! Ryan's basket for you is just precious. I love it when guys do cute stuff like that. The pink tape is too much :)

Mama Muhs said...

I think the Miralax really pulls it all together.
And I'm so jealous of your Lodge dining! (That's where the last pics are, right?)