The past two Saturday swim lessons have been a success. Wren has decided she loves the water. Here's a nice thing about becoming a mother, instead of me caring about looking like a water buffalo, I could care less. That's a nice change. We are working on kicking legs and going under water. This weekend my parent's got her a baby pool. Since it was 90 degrees on Saturday, she was happy to take a dip in the 2 inches of water. As we approach the 7 month marker, I can't believe how much she has changed in one month.

The paparazzi (grandparents) were shooting photos the whole time. I had to tell them to hide for a few minutes because all she wanted to do was show off for them.

Here we are practicing floating on her back.
A shot of Wren in her baby pool.
This was after her dip in her pool. She is lounging in her pool chair.


Beth said...

Adorable!!! Looks like she's enjoying her class! too cute :)

The Boddies said...

I love her bathing suit. Jackson has the tiniest swimming trunks I've ever seen, I can't wait for him to wear them this summer. I'm glad she's doing better in swim class! I am also having a hard time imagining myself in a swim suit, but like you said seeing my baby happily splashing in the water will take my mind off it.