Neighborhood pets, bubbles, and baths

 Lauren loves to tour the neighborhood.  We usually go to Great Grandma and Grandpa's across the street first.  Next we hunt for her neighborhood pets.  Lulu a HUGE "puppy" at the end of our street and Buddy a black cat who lives next door (which she tried feeding a graham cracker to).  Amazingly, these "pets" tolerate her and will allow her to scream in their face and pet them way too hard.  

 These next ones were taken at my parents house.  My dad and Wren were playing with bubbles.  It was hilarious to see her trying to pop them.

Bath time at Nanny and Grandpa's.  Their sink is the perfect size.
Watching the police cars and firetrucks go by during the homecoming parade.


Jen Taitt said...

Looks like she's going to make a wonderful Tigerette!