Babies and Buddies

Today was my first day back to work.  I love love my practicum so I was totally happy to go back.  During my 2 week holiday break, Lauren and I did lots of playing.  Lauren and her buddy Chase have had a few play dates.  Bouncing is always involved.  They are so cute together! They play well together for a while and they argue about a baby doll that the other one has. 

She has also grown quite accustom to being a little mother to her babies.  I am fully open to her playing with balls, planes, trains, and tools.  But she seems to be drawn to her babies.  She is constantly "shhhhing" us so that her babies can sleep.  Here are a few shots from our two week break.

Waiting for their cupcakes to bake.  
Bouncing, as usual...
 Lauren and her Baby Alive baby
Her water baby
On an outing with her baby.