Our fast and furious trip to Indiana went off without a hitch.  Lauren faired well on her 4.5 hour car trip both there and back.  I packed her a lot of snacks and muppet-ish DVDs.  The kids played while we tried to catch up in between diaper changes, feedings, meal preparations, cleaning up, bathtime, naptime, bedtime.  Sadly, we didn't get to talk as much as we wanted to.  We kept saying, well it's reality! Life goes at warp speed right now, especially with two.  Our college nights spent talking for 4 hours about nothing is a thing of the past.  Even though it was quick, we had a wonderful time with our babies and each other.  We miss you Mich, Mia, and Brecken!

Michele, Brecken, and Lauren cooking our dinner.
This child did this the whole time!
She really got a kick out of him. She kept walking around saying "Shhhh....." when he was asleep. 
Us and our babies. I wished I would have gotten a better picture of Mia. But little girls don't have time for picture taking. 
I had to include this shot.  It is of my front seat while driving home. Note the babies in my lap.