Christmas Pictures

Here are some random picture from Christmas.....

This is my parent's 12ft tree. You can't really see just
how beautiful it was in this picture. Take my word for it

My parents fireplace. I just had to take a picture of it because
I thought my mom did such a great job decorating it.

My favorite moment of Christmas. My grandpa had 2 of my fingerpaintings framed when I was three. I have always walked past them in their halway and mentioned to him that I would like them to have in my home. He always told me that he couldn't part with them. So on Christmas day I unwrapped a small package of his two frames. It brought me to tears that he would part with them after 24 years just to make me happy. I couldn't have asked for a better gift.
My grandpa has always had one of my mother's shoes in his bedroom drawer. He also wrapped that up and gave it to her. He sure was on a sentimental kick. Great job Poppy Bill.

Christmas morning opening up some of Ryan's gifts

One of his favorite gifts. Rose Bowl '08 Illinois vs. USC

My parents

Ryan, Me, Kyle & Maggie
on Christmas Eve in our jamies

Dave & Angie on Christmas Eve

Ryan & I on Christmas Day


Brooke said...

You can tell you both have such neat families! You're like me, I love a good children's book and sentimental momentos for Christmas!! The "jammies" picture is so cute...Happy New Year!!