It's Begining To Look Alot Like Christmas......

We'll a week from today Christmas Day will be upon us. Hasn't this month flown by!? I don't have much to post so I thought I would upload a couple of my Christmas trees. I know, pretty boring! As always there are no balls or decor at the bottom of the trees. The cats have either broken all of them or I've just given up and taken them off. All my presents were so nicely arranged under my trees until little kitty decided to rearrange them to use as his personal step ladder to confiscate the ornaments.
I found Tiffany blue oranaments and thought a "Tiffany" tree would be really cute. I even found the Tiffany blue wrapping paper. I am adding bows to the packages today hopefully. It's really hard to see the color of the oranaments but they are the Tiffany blue and a pearl white.
Here is a quick shot of outside once it snowed.
Here is my fruit tree. The balls are purple and gold. The camera really changes the colors.

We'll thats all for now. Hopefully I will have something exciting to talk about soon! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!