All things fall...........

I've been in the fall spirit this week. So I've attempted a few Fall treats.
I love pumpkin seeds so I tried to roast them on my own. They sure were pretty, but lacked in the taste department. I now know that the secret is to boil them in salt water for 2 hours and let them dry out overnight before putting them into the mixture and the oven. Next year I'll try again.
I love anything pumpkin. Last week I was in a bakery and they had pumpkin rolls. I couldn't imagine how you would roll a cake up. Mine turned out pretty well. It tasted awesome too.
The last thing I did today was my popcorn balls. I remember getting these as a kid and they were hard as rocks. The recipe called for marshmallows so they are the perfect consistancy. I used a 3 bags of popcorn. Two were kettle corn and the other was butter. I find that this was a perfect sweet/salty mixture.

Alright, trick or treaters come and get it!!